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this is why afropunkfest is the best festival. EVERYONE there was soo beautiful. i’ll post more vids and pics tomorrow.

Hi Ninja & Trouble!I’ve had a little bit of a rough time lately and I’ve been under a lot of stress, resulting in me neglecting myself in every possible way. I finally kicked myself on the butt (the one you see here) to get out of this funk and here’s the result: me after a good night’s sleep, feeling a lot more better about myself & my body.

Your pony tail,hips and panties make for a really sexy, playful and adorable submission. I’m glad you’re feeling better I hope you’ll start kicking your butt more often and showing it off to us. 

when my body began to change in my early teenage years, I hated it. I didn’t identify with my femininity, I wanted to be an androgynous ‘it’. it’s taken me years to embrace my curves and to look in the mirror and be proud of my soft shapes. I love being a woman and wouldn’t trade it for anything else but at the same time I fully understand people who have problems with identity and the nasty consequences of it. warm hugs to you all X tawdry

I think great art is made with the portrayal of honesty, and these words and this image really strike a chord with me. I really appreciate you explaining the feelings of your growth and how you embraced your femininity. And thanks for sharing your submission with us. 

I just want a pretty significant other who gets my feels and can make me laugh.

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